Thanks to our donors who make it possible to keep this PVE tradition alive.

This event can only continue if people like you donate. The all-volunteer committee donates their time and money to put together this celebration. We are grateful for loyal patrons who give year after year, but often we operate at a deficit as we have for the past several years. So if you count yourself as one who has enjoyed this event in the past or plans to in the future, please consider a donation this year. Your name will be recognized in our program and is tax deductible. Help us keep this special local tradition going strong.

Patriotically yours,

The Palos Verdes Independence Day Celebration Committee

To make a donation:
Mail To:  P.O. Box 1182, PVE, CA 90274
Download the Donation Letter here

You can also donate using the button below. It will take you to a separate, secure form, for you to safely make your online donation. None of the information entered will be used to market to you or attempt to sell you anything.

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Palos Verdes Independence Day Celebration Committee
Not-for-profit 501c3 Federal Tax ID: 95-6219743

Special Thanks To Our Donors
*(asterisks indicate donation to Bryan and Denise Hardwick Memorial Fund)
The Palos Verdes Independence Day Celebration Committee is a volunteer group of area residents who work together to provide a day of family fun. We work to renew a sense of appreciation for our independence and great American heritage of freedom. Funds for today’s activities have been contributed by many new and long-time residents and businesses. Special recognition is given to the following contributors and a sincere Thank You to all who have contributed financially and in kind.    

Super Patriots ($500 and above)


Donovan and Nancy Black

Virginia Butler and Les Fishman- CB Realty

Ron Florance

Mimi and Phil Frengs

The Ed and Olga Gilroy Family

Jacqueline M. Glass Family

Malaga Bank

Malaga Cove Homeowners Association

Bill and Stella Mathews

Peter McCormack and Mary Todd

Jeffrey McFarland

Chuck Miller Family

Kenneth T. Norris Foundation

Oarsmen Foundation

PVE Neighborhood Watch

PVE Police Officers’ Association

The Van Dine Family

* * * * *
Sponsors ($250-$499)

Ailor Family


Denise and Bryan Hardwick Memorial Fund

Intagliata Family

Ed and Alanna Kennedy

Marilyn Litvak

Palos Verdes Homes Association

Sharon Ryan

Welch Family

The Hardwick Family

* * * * *
Patriots ($101-$249)

Dwight and Jan Abbot

Susan Aleksich

Nancy Banken

Nancy Black

Garrett and Michelle Burke

Ginny Dixon

Fletcher and Julaina Larson

Bill and Carol Murin

Pat and Chris Vancura

* * * * *
Patrons ($100)

Roger and Carolyn Ayers

Avik and Jennifer Hardwick Chatterjee

Nicole Colich

Donald M. Culler

Ittie and Warren Cutting

James Deane

Keith Denny

Carolyn Elliott

Deborah Eppolito

The Geiger Family

Chris and Barbara Hall

Devon Hardwick McFarland

NJ Jaeger

Randy Jones

Carole Larkins

Jo Anne Sanger

James D. Vandever

Kay S. Wardell

Marlene and Steve Young

* * * * *
Donors ($50-$99)

Natalia Calderon

Keith and Carole Campbell

J. Brian Cook

Carla Farrell

Christine Fine

Chuck and Mary Ann Garland

Givins Family

Jean Hughes

Mary Ann and Chuck Garland

Stella Horton

William Johnson

Lloyd and Elaine Mistele

Chris and Gill Moore

Vivien Murtha

Martin Richards

René and Phyllis Scribe

Alyson Hardwick Shepard

Philip Solomita

Marcia and Dick Stolz

* * * * *
Contributors ($25-$49)


Dee Dee Barry

James Berte

R. Cantine

Wally Christmas

Judy Daugherty

Valerie Gorsuch

Scott Le Tellier

Kelly Lingel

G. Clark Margolf

Patricia Petersen

Judy Raskin

* * * * *
Supporters (up to $25)

Pat and Neil Stolz

Thank you all for your generous donations! If you donated and your name doesn’t appear, our apologies as it may have been received after the program went to the printer. Donations are gladly accepted at the event.

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